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Batam and Surrounding Islands

Batam can be reached by air from major cities in Indonesia and internationally. Domestic airline companies currently flying to Batam include Garuda... more>>

Investing in Batam

As at the end of December 2001, Batam has accumulated a total of approximately US$ 8.8 billion in investment comprising of US$ 2.1 billion (24%) of government investment and US$ 6.7 billion (76%) of private investment... more>>

Infrastructure and Facilities

The master plan has divided the islands into 5 (five) development areas, as follows... more>>


Batam Industrial Development Authority

In 1971, the Government of Indonesia established BIDA (Batam Industrial Development Authority) as the authority in promoting and developing the Barelang region.... more>>

Municipality of Batam

The City of Batam has a township status of a Municipality. A Mayor who is responsible for the civic administration, social affairs head the city.... more>>


Online Features

There are several online features you can access to get easy to Batam Islands as follow:

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Business Directory in Batam

Batam Singapore Club

The Batam Singapore Club is a non-profit organization, which was set up by independent parties who realized that there was a wealth of experiences, which could be shared productively... more>>

  • Tenant Industrial Estate
  • Batam-Singapore Business Club
  • Batam-Taiwan Business Society
  • Batam-Korea Business Society

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