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Batam Fair: Community and Culture in Batam

With the impressive economic growth, Batam Island continues to otter excellent opportunities for businesses and trading. This opportunity has attracted general trading, as well as manufactured products of foreign-owned companies to local and regional products.

Batam Fair 2002 is a leading example of such major development in the trading area, which offers high-quality products, from local products to internationally recognized goods. This one month event (24 February to 24 March 2002) has become a channel for many products to international trading.

This product fair has been conducted annually since 2000 to stimulate business and trading in Batam. For that reason, this year, the function was hosted in tile trading district of Lubuk Raja which is mote widely known as Nagoya.

It was officially opened on February 23, 2002. Mr. Ismeth Abdullah, the Chairman of the Batam Industrial Development Authority emphasized on the importance of Batam as the hub for international trading in the region and stated that BIDA is confident to have additional 70 foreign companies this year.

About a hundred exhibitors participated in the Fair, with a whole and integrated exhibition of products ranging from clothing and furniture to housing and automobiles. The integrated expo lead to the visits offer than 50.000 people.

This Fair was also widely supported by both the public and private, sectors in Batam: since the Batam Fair. 2002 put efforts to pull an inflow of new investments, domestic and foreign. in various sectors in Batam, as well as shared business opportunities. arranged network for potential buyers and producers- and provided introduction of products to traders and consumers. Batam Fair 2002 received tremendous response from exhibitors since Batam is the gateway- for international trading. amid economic networking for the rest of lndonesia.

At the end of the Fair, its success, as recognized and pleasured by producers and buyers, with the Rp. 50 billion of product exchange and to the whole community 1,01 their acquired deals and purchases through the thousands of products on sale. Visitors were attracted by colorful banners, emblems, decal, and brochures which were placed at many central locations not only in Batam but also in other major cities in Indonesia- such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and similar promotion attracted buyers coming from as far as Singapore and Malaysia. The organizer also exhibited their products via the internet. so that potential buyers at home or Overseas, may find detailed information prior to the Fair's opening.

Batam Fair will remain as the most comprehensive exhibition in Batam. International deals were made during the event, and as the hub of international trading in the region, the Fair represents Indonesia and its richness and development, for all the opportunities and possibilities.


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